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"Bat & Owl" LBSC words & music - stock code 1951

"The great majority of followers of these notes perform some daily avocation for a livelihood; and by the time they have arrived home, and have had a meal, it is not much use saying to their locomotive, "Come into the garden Maud" (or "Mary Ann", "Maisie" etc., as the case may be), when visibility in the before-mentioned garden extends about 2.073" beyond the tips of their noses... The only alternative is to run the engine in the house; but the majority of suburban domiciles do not afford sufficient trackage space to run even a gauge "1" outfit, let alone the usual garden passenger-hauler. Therefore, many of our friends with garden railways are now considering the possibility of "O" gauge as a substitute for their outdoor road during the time it cannot be used. As the old saw says, "Out of evil cometh good".

So starts the "words and music" for this pair of O-gauge live steamers.

I've been wondering recently about asking Mrs P whether our living room would afford sufficient trackage for a few engines in these winter months...

70pp, softback, photostat reproduction (half-tone pictures a bit murky in places)