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AVO meter Model 12 - stock code 1661

Avometer Model 12, a derivative of the ubiquitous "Avo" designed especially for the maintenance and fault diagnosis on automotive electrical systems although still a most useful general purpose test instrument. The booklet "Testing Vehicle Electrical Circuits with the Avometer test set Model 12" is included, covering:

Accessories and their use
Testing Lucas generators
Charging circuit test
Checking regulator earth connections
Checking current regulator
Checking voltage regulator setting
Checking cutout operation
Checking charging and cutout reverse currents
Testing Lucas alternators Type 2AC
Testing Lucas alternator control box type 2TR
Fault diagnosis of Type 2AC alternator circuit
Checking battery, starter and start circuit
Testing primary ignition circuit
Testing radio suppressors in igntion system
Testing mains, power supplies and AC circuits
Checking generator for residual magnetism

In excellent, almost as-new condition, housed in leather case.