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Assorted small Stuart engine castings - stock code 2108

A large quantity of Stuart engine castings!

I will leave the final analysis to some of my Stuart experts, but as far as I can identify we have here:

Complete set of castings for mid-sized vertical (7a?)
Machined bedplate, trunk guides, cylinders, cylinder end covers, valve chests, pistons, rods, gland nuts, flywheel for Score horizontal twin plus most castings to complete
Machined bedplate, trunk guide, piston and rod, cylinder for 10H with many castings to complete
Base, pair columns, steel tablature plates, cylinder, flywheel, outrigger pillar and bearing for James Coombes
Bedplate, cylinder & end cover, valve chest & cover, valve, eccentric strap and flywheel for two Victorias
Unmachined cylinder clocks for twin launch and compound launch
Parts for at least two more 10V engines, including cylinder blocks, trunkguides, eccentric rods