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A&P vertical steel boiler - stock code 2148

New, unused steel boiler built for a boat project which didn't happen.

The dry firebox is lined in fire cement and is fitted with a lined firebox door and ashpan beneath. The pressure vessel itself bolts to the top of the firebox - the steel tubes are expanded in, the shell is bushed 1/2 BSP for fittings.

This is a fast-steaming unit, capable of firing on paraffin, gas or, with the addition of a grate, solid fuel. The smokebox is a stainless steel fabrication.

The boiler has had an ultrasonic survey, with hydraulic test in March 2004 at 300psi for 150psi working pressure - a new certificate has been issued. As well as use in a boat, it would make an ideal boiler for running large model and small real stationary steam engines.

Weight approx 200 pounds
Height 30 inches excluding smokebox
Tubes 89 off 5/8 diameter
Three vertical stays