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Anzani three cylinder engine - stock code 2983

1/4 scale model of an Anzani radial aeroplane engine, built using the L.W.Chenery plans serialised in "Model Engineer" in 1996 and modelled on the engine installed in the 1910 Deperdussin in the Shuttleworth collection. Constructed by man familiar with such things, the builder flew Spitfires in the last war and only gave up flying his Cessna in the last ten years (not, at 80, because of advancing years, but because he objected to the increasing landing fees). I've had several models from him in the past, including a super 1 1/2 inch Allchin he built.

This is a three cylinder Y-configuration radial engine with spark ignition and automatic inlet valves. It turns over smoothly with good compression and will, according to the designer, swing a 20 inch propellor. The engine is mounted on a stand, with a combined fuel and oil tank mounted behind.

There is a complete set of drawings and some of the "Model Engineer" articles.

Height 11 inches