SRS Blog > A new machine arrives in the workshop

Published 11th July 2018

Topics: Workshop.
We've been running our two existing CNC machining centres night and day in recent times, mainly on new locomotive production (in all gauges from 5 inch to two foot). Time came earlier in the year to start looking for another, slightly larger machine to increase our capacity.
With five other CNC machines in the workshop, all from XYZ who have given us excellent service over the last ten years, it wasn't so much a choice of manufacturer as which machine for the job. The 750LR we settled on was chosen for its linear rail design, enabling faster machining and traversing - important to us for for the type of work we're nowadays undertaking.
Friday last week saw the XYZ truck roll up into our car park again - it was last here delivering a turning centre and bed mill a couple of years ago. It always amazes me just how quickly one (very skilled) man and a radio controlled hiab can unload a four ton machine and glide it into place in the workhop.
Everybody wanted a look the minute it touched down - familiar with our current machines, there was much interest in what had changed in the latest version.
Within a couple of hours it was in position and levelled up, awaiting commissioning on Monday.
John, Connor and Victoria are off for the training course at Nuneaton next week - once they're back we'll post an update showing what it can do.