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9 1/2 inch gauge MR 0-4-0ST - stock code 5311

An interesting example of a rarely-modelled prototype, built by a prolific engineer who concentrated solely on Johnsons designs for the Midland in his preferred gauge of 9 inches. Having completed several, this, his last project, was left on the bench.

Work to date comprises a silver-soldered copper boiler, flanged and assembled by the builder and glued together by the estimable GB Boilers who did a fine job it had a 200psi hydraulic test on delivery by the owners club. The chassis is largely complete with wheels, crank axle and connecting rods, leaf springs and motion plate. The smokebox is just about ready to fit, there is a casting for the chimney. Cylinders are an unconventional fabrication with soldered on rear covers, possibly to replicate a blind-ended original casting (the same as fitted to a 10 inch gauge Midland Compound were currently rebuilding) they are machined and complete with pistons, rods and valve chests. Eccentric sheaves are fitted to the axle, there are a set of straps and eccentric rods machined.

With the box of machined parts that came with it, there is about 75% of a locomotive here much of the work to complete is plumbing and platework. It could be stretched out to 10 inch gauge without too much of a rave, getting it down to 7 would be tougher but probably doable with a little ingenuity. Alternatively, it would make a fine 2 inch scale display model on 9 inch gauge track as intended.

Complete with a general arrangement, some sketches and a copied sheet showing the prototype engine.

Length 45.5 inches

gauge 10 1/4 inch