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750Kg two wheel trailer - stock code 4105

An as-new Anssems GT750 trailer, complete with tonneau cover and prop stands. 750Kg gross weight, it has a 630Kg payload the previous owner bought it to transport his 3 inch Burrell with driving truck, before it could be put to use he fell for the superb 4 inch scale Garrett rally outfit we had in recently, the Burrell and trailer coming in as part-exchange.

The pictures show the trailer with a sample load to demonstrate its carrying capacity (ok, Steve and I couldn't face unloading the Burrell's driving trucks, sacks of coal and assorted paraphernalia just to photograph the trailer, then put it all back in again. So you get the trailer and the tonneau cover, but it will look flatter than it does in the pictures. And without the coal).

Bed 78 x 39 inches

750Kg gross, 630Kg payload