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7 1/4 inch gauge "Tug" 0-4-0ST - stock code 7706

Started many years ago when the builder bought a new boiler from Swindon Boilers in 2005, this "Tug" 0-4-0 - the scaled up version of Don Young's popular 5 inch gauge "Rail Motor" design - has been finished in recent times and only tested steamed to check the valve setting. So far it's never actually run on a track.

Whilst a slightly eccentric looking machine, underneath the chassis has been well made and the boiler, by Swindon, by one of the best boilermakers and in excellent condition. The engine runs well and steams freely - there's some video of it here.

Could be run as it is, if you fancy some light sheet metalwork and painting over the coming winter, it could be turned out something more like the designer intended - there are some pictures of a standard "Tug" we sold back in 2012 here.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 33
width/inches 14
height/inches 20
cylinder material cast iron
valve type slide
valve gear Walschaerts
reverser type pole
lubricator type displacement
boiler number 51350
working pressure/psi 100
boiler type locomotive
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver soldered
fusible plug yes