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7 1/4 inch gauge Standard Class 2 tank with driving truck - stock code 6177

A finely-built 7 1/4 inch gauge BR Standard Class 2 tank locomotive which has come to us direct from the builder - in regular use at his own club until September of last year, the engine has also travelled to a variety of other club tracks and been a regular and reliable performer at the Great Cockrow Railway. Advancing years has meant a reluctant parting of the ways, at 400 pounds the engine has become to heavy to handle.

Silver soldered superheated copper boiler, 100psi working pressure, feed by twin injectors with water carried in driving truck. Cast iron cylinders with piston valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with screw reverser in cab. The valve gear has been case-hardened throughout and is in excellent order, pistons are equipped with the estimable Clupet rings - piston valves are equipped with rings supplied by Clupet but, at this size, to a plain section rather than their standard "black magic" design. Vacuum brakes with driver's brake valve next to the driver's seat, with blower valve on the stand below. Steam brakes to locomotive, operated by a beautiful scale Gresham & Craven brake valve. Speedometer, pressure and vacuum gauges all function, we haven't tested the carriage heating...

Hardly worth mentioning the level of detail achieved on this one, given the pictures below - I think Ron Martin's 9F is the only 7 1/4 engine we've had built to a similar standard. Worth commenting on odd things such as the dummy slacking pipe in the cab, push-pull gear fitted alongside the smokebox and working speedometer, worked by a tiny Hall sensor hidden in the Smiths gearbox and driven by the return crank.

The engine is in good mechanical condition, boiler has just had hydraulic and steam tests and it runs beautifully. Paintwork is tired although looks close to typical "working clothes" appearance - I would be tempted simply to re-touch in places, then simply enjoy driving it!

Complete with a stand with built-in rolling road and an Aristocraft driving truck, plumbed up to supply water direct to the injectors.

Length 60 inches
Weight 400 pounds

gauge 7 1/4 inch