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7 1/4 inch gauge Stafford "Tihany" - stock code 6392

One of the nicest liveries we've turned out in my opinion - I'd always wanted to paint a Stafford in works photographic grey when a customer ordered an engine and decided he like the sound of it. Bitter sweet moment when it came back from the paint shop - it was just what I'd always wanted, then two days later the engine was gone!

"Tihany" has recently come back to us after several busy seasons of club running following which the original owner decided to move up to a Big Stafford (sensible chap). The engine has vacuum brake equipment and chime whistle, we've re-tubed the boiler and fitted the latest soft-pop type safety valve. The engine is raring to go for the new season and will be supplied, just like a new Stafford, with handbook, starter kit of coal and oil, set of firing irons and 12 months warranty.

Works number 1311, August 2011
Hydraulic test @240psi for 120psi working pressure, expires 19-Feb-2017
Steam test expires 25-Feb-2016

gauge 7 1/4 inch