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7 1/4 inch gauge "Royal Scot" - stock code 1996

A fine model of the "Royal Scot", the first of a class of locomotives designed by Sir Henry Fowler for the LMS and built in 1927. The original engine toured the USA in 1933 creating much interest - as a result of this visit, Bassett Lowke received an order for a 1 1/2 inch scale model from an American customer, with Henry Greenly preparing the design. Subsequently a second engine was produced for display in their London shop window, after which the model became part of their standard range, available to special order at a price of 500.

We believe this engine to have been commercially built, possibly by Bassett Lowke themselves, but certainly using their castings and Henry Greenly's design - if it was built by Bassett Lowke, it dates from the late 1930s. It is exceptionally nicely made, with well-engineered motion work and is in excellent mechanical order throughout. The engine appears largely original apart from a new professionally-made copper boiler fitted in 1991 and replacement injector - the engine was little used after this and has been in store, unused, since 1996.

The chassis has piston-valve cylinders actuated by Walschaerts valve gear, operated by pole reverser from the cab. A mechanical lubricator beneath the smokebox door feeds cylinders and axleboxes, with a knurled priming knob just forward of the righthand cylinder. Cab-operated draincocks are fitted and the locomotive is fitted with an effective steam brake. The crankpins are fitted with split bronze bearings.

Silver-soldered copper boiler, initially tested to 180 psi, working pressure 90 psi, fitted with two safety valves. Backhead fittings include a pair of water glasses with protectors, pressure gauge, injector steam feeds, steam brake feed valve and operating lever, pair of blowdown valves, blower valve and whistle. Feed is by a pair of injectors with auxiliary hand pump in the tender. It has a new certificate, expiring in April 2005.

The paintwork is largely good, with some wear and touching up in places. There is a dent in the firebox cladding on the offside top corner which could either be knocked out or filled.

A set of Greenly drawings are included, giving details of both parallel and rebuilt, taper boiler engines.

A most impressive, handsome engine which goes as well as it looks - it's very comfortable to drive, with a padded seat and footpegs which fit to the tender. The original engine, preserved at Bressingham Museum in Norfolk and still carrying plates commemorating the American tour, is currently undergoing a major restoration to mainline working order.

Locomotive 64 inches
Tender 35 inches

Weight approx 500 pounds

gauge 7 1/4 inch