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7 1/4 inch gauge riding truck - stock code 2425

I bought this truck a couple of years ago from a talented engineer, bit of a restless soul, who had built a 15xx tank engine (then run it twice, never bothering to plumb up the injector), half a Black 5 to Martin Evans' "Highlander" design and laid a rather nice garden railway. Before the paint was dry on the wicket fence along his line, the whole lot was sold to make room for his next project (the previous one had been a ground-up rebuild of an E-type Jaguar which went on to take several awards). Super chap, although it made you tired just listening to what he'd got done.

I kept this one for my own railway, it's substantially made, runs on roller bearings and has had very little use. I've now acquired a different vehicle which is more suitable for the railway I'm trying to build, time for this one to go.

Weight approx 150 pounds

gauge 7 1/4 inch