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7 1/4 inch gauge petrol/electric hybrid shunter - stock code 6604

An interesting 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotive built by a local engineer to run at his club - an 0-4-0 shunter, chain driven by a 38cc water-cooled two-stroke engine with centrifugal clutch bought new for the project. The engine runs in one direction, so an electric motor is fitted to give reverse plus the option of "assisted start" in forward - sort of like having a booster tender!

Built as a sister engine to the 0-4-0 battery-electric we have in stock, it shared the riding truck - whilst this engine will run without the truck on its petrol engine, it needs a 12 volt battery carried behind to run the engine cooling fan and provide for electric running if required.

Length 34 inches

gauge 7 1/4 inch