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7 1/4 inch gauge petrol-hydraulic "Titan" shunter - stock code 3108

13th June - now locomotive only, without coaches. The engine itself has seen regular use these last few weeks pulling works trains for the railway I'm building here - it has shifted more blocks, bricks and paving slabs than I want to see again, all without complaint (and on a remarkably small amount of petrol).

A Roanoke "Titan" 0-4-2 petrol hydraulic shunter, fitted with a 5hp industrial engine driving through an Eaton transmission, with two commercially-built air-braked coaches.

The locomotive is fitted with a compressor for the brakes, there is a gauge on the dashboard and train brake lever mounted on the cab floor. There are a pair of air reservoir cylinders in the engine compartment. Engine is electric start, twin air horns are fitted. Steel plate ballast is fitted behind the front buffer beam for increased adhesion.

The whole outfit is in very good condition, the engine starts readily and runs quietly. An adult fits comfortably in the cab, driving is simplicity itself - push the lever forwards to go forwards, back to go back.

Height 53 inches
Length 72 inches

gauge 7 1/4 inch