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7 1/4 inch gauge petrol-hydraulic shunter with ride-in tender - stock code 8277

We sold this one back in January, it's recently back in part exchange for a larger, ride-in locomotive. Since last here, it's been fitted with a powerful headlamp, new cab controls, volt and ammeters and a GPS speedometer - all well thought out and neatly executed.

Photographs opposite were taken this morning, words below from January. There are a few more pictures in the archive here, showing what lurks "under the bonnet".

A robustly constructed 7 1/4 inch gauge petrol-hydraulic shunter, using a 9hp electric start four stroke engine coupled to the inevitable Eaton transmission. It's come to us from the builder, having had little use since he finished it - he's now on with a pair of steam locomotives in the same gauge, the latest in a string of similar sized projects.

Fitted with two tone horns and electric cooling fan for the transmission, complete with a comfortable ride in tender. Paintwork has been done to a good standard and remains in excellent condition.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 44 + 41
width/inches 21
height/inches 34
weight/kg est 200