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7 1/4 inch gauge petrol-hydraulic 0-4-2 - stock code 3042

A large, commercial-duty 0-4-2 petrol-hydraulic locomotive, built 1999 by Knightley Light Railway. It's a most substantial thing, built on 1/2 inch steel plate frames with inch thick buffer beams, EN8 steel wheels running on roller bearings driven by an 11hp Honda electric start engine coupled to the large size type 11 Eaton transmission with remote oil tank. Drive is by toothed belt from engine to gearbox, thence by duplex chain. The cab is comfortable - even for me, with sufficient headroom - and reassuringly weatherproof for winter works trains.

The body is all in 2mm steel, very robustly put together. Side windows slide to open, the right hand one has a crack in the toughened glass. The bonnet hinges forward for access to the engine and transmission. Cab is fitted out with throttle and reversing levers, headlight switch and horn lever. Air braking equipment is by PNP Railways, working independently of the main engine and housed in an enclosure beside the driver.

The engine is in good condition, it starts easily and goes well - if it would fit through our engine shed door I'd probably keep it. It is a powerful engine and would do good service on either a commercial or large garden railway. Overall size, and construction of the wheelsets with spacers on the axles, suggests it was built for easy conversion to 10 1/4 inch gauge.

Length 72 inches
Height 46 inches
Width 33 inches
Weight approx 1/2 ton

gauge 7 1/4 inch