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7 1/4 inch gauge part-built "Tich" - stock code 4158

A really nicely made “Tich” in 7 ¼ inch gauge, largely complete and comprising an excellent chassis with much extra detailing including steam sanders and remote wick-feed lubricators for axles boxes and water pump, a silver soldered copper boiler, complete with initial hydraulic test certificate and much of the platework, including cab, tanks and running boards.

There are some sundry loose parts including a beautifully made fountain, finished outer dome and a set of parallel-acting firehole doors.

An attractive design in any gauge “Tich” makes up into a very manageable-sized 7 ¼ inch gauge engine, easy to handle and transport yet still capable of the rather unexpected speed and pulling power that always surprise people when they first drive the 3 ½ inch gauge version. I’ve had several in the past, there are some pictures in the archive.

gauge 7 1/4 inch