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7 1/4 inch gauge part-built "Royal Scot" - stock code 4117

A project started many years ago by the previous owner's grandfather, an engineer, this rather sorry-looking "Royal Scot" has languished in a garage in recent times, acquiring a covering a fine surface rust, although nothing by way of serious corrosion.

Work to date is nicely done and comprises a rolling chassis complete with piston valve cylinders and about 90% of the motion work – the radius rod, eccentric rod and combination lever are missing from the nearside. The smokebox assembly is fitted and there is most of the material for a boiler cut and flanged, including inner firebox, throatplate, backhead, tubeplate and barrel.

The Fowler tender is well-advanced with a rolling chassis and tank made.

Built to Greenly's two cylinder design, the engine builds up into a large, powerful engine weighing around a quarter of a ton – I ran one myself for a while some years ago, there are pictures of that engine in the archive.

Locomotive 61 inches
Tender 31 inches

gauge 7 1/4 inch