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7 1/4 inch gauge part-built Black 5 - stock code 3223

An early stage build of a BR Standard Class 5 using Jim Vass' drawings and castings. The project has been through two sets of hands, and includes work varying in standard from pedestrian to very good.

Work to date comprises:

  • Set of locomotive frames erected with buffer beams, stretchers, horns and steam brake cylinder

  • Set of tender frames erected complete with buffer beams and horns.

  • Set of machined cast iron locomotive axle boxes

  • Set of machined tender axle boxes

  • Complete front bogie

  • Pair of machined coupling rods

  • Pair of professionally-machined cylinder assemblies by P.T.Machining, complete with pistons, piston valves, rods, glands, relief valves

  • Set of machined tender wheels and axles

  • Set of machined driving wheels and axles - the main bores of these are poorly done, they really want boring out and bushing before broaching for a proper square key with axles machined to suit

  • Complete flanged copper boiler kit, including all tube, material, flanged plates and rivets to complete - this was bought new last year, the crate is just liftable by two people.

  • Quantity of castings including dome, chimney, steam tee etc

  • Large quantity of drawings

gauge 7 1/4 inch