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7 1/4 inch gauge Maxitrak "Planet II" 0-4-0 battery electric - stock code 8159

A Maxitrak "Planet II" battery electric shunter, in as-new condition. Built and painted to the owner's specification, with all wiring, quick detach connectors for the Yuasa YBX3096 75Ah batteries and iDrive 24 volt controller installed by Ride on Railways - it's typical of the neatly laid out and robustly implemented systems fitted to their own locomotives.

Conceived as a heavy duty locomotive for light commercial work, drive is by a pair of 24 volt, 350 watt motors. Capable of negotiating a 10-12 foot radius curve, the manufacturer rates it as capable of hauling 12 passengers.

We gave this one a run on the portable track outside last week (as soon as we could persuade Connor to put the Duchess away) - can vouch for its "go", it feels like it could pull a house down!

This particular locomotive has done minimal running - just enough to persuade its 80 year old owner that 7 1/4 inch gauge is just too big for getting down to the track and back!
gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 33
width/inches 16
height/inches 28
weight/kg 50 / 90 with batteries
wheel material steel
axlebox type roller bearing