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7 1/4 inch gauge GWR 15xx - stock code 4109

A 7 1/4 inch gauge Great Western 15xx tank locomotive to David Adams' "Paddington" design, an engine that has had an immensely protracted gestation with, as is often the case, more than one builder involved.

The engine is substantially complete, it pushes along freely, fit and finish of the motionwork is to a good standard. The design is highly detailed, derived from works drawings, which has been reproduced in this model, down to the motionwork oilers and dummy steam lance connector on the smokebox. Cab and backhead is detailed but suffers, as does the rest of the engine, from a layer of thick black gloss paint apparently applied with a tar brush. Platework is by and large ok, although the firebox cladding looks like two ferrets fighting in a sack.

The boiler is silver-soldered copper with superheaters. Completed in 1991, it had an initial twice pressure hydraulic test in 2003 at 220psi for which a club certificate was issued.

Length 50 inches
Weight approx 400 pounds


gauge 7 1/4 inch