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7 1/4 inch gauge display case - stock code 6622

A large and very heavy display case, built to house a 7 1/4 inch gauge pre-grouping tender engine - I had a pair of these come in some years ago, one has housed my Stirling Single (handsomely) in the library ever since, this one has been stored in our stables next to the Sunbeam. I've waited in vain for something beautiful to come in that Mrs P decides she can't live without, but thus far in vain (and before you ask about the 9F, it's not allowed in the house and, in addition, is about a foot too long for the case).

Bottom is all timber construction, track is aluminium rail laid on ballasted wooden sleepers, top is acrylic sheet bonded at the corners.

Length 97 1/2 inches
Width 25 inches
Height 52 1/2 inches