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7 1/4 inch narrow gauge diesel-hydraulic 0-4-0 shunter - stock code 8411

A large, robustly constructed 7 1/4 inch narrow gauge diesel-hydraulic shunter, well put together on a steel chassis with roller bearing axlesboxes and all steel superstructure.

Best bit is the 5 1/2hp electric start diesel engine under the bonnet - set the throttle, press down on the decompressor, crank it over and you're away. The smell and sound is just right - industrial narrow gauge in miniature!

Transmission is by the standard Eaton infinitely variable hydraulic drive. There's a pair of horns mounted up at the front, the headlight is not currently connected, although it doesn't look like it would take a great deal to illuminate.

Paintwork is reasonable, with some scuffing to the bodywork, one axlebox bearing cover is missing. Whilst entirely usable as is, it wouldn't be a big job to repaint the cab, bonnet and tender body completely, turning it into a very smart outfit.

There's some video here of John concentrating on not running off the end of the track and totalling Barry's car. He reports the sit-in tender comfortable, with sufficent leg and foot space for his six foot five and size thirteens.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 40 + 34
width/inches 18
height/inches 32
weight/kg est 200 with tender
reverser type Eaton transmission