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7 1/4 inch gauge BR Standard Class 2 - stock code 3812

A British Railways Standard Class 2, built by the late Dick Stockings to his own design and drawings - he was also responsible for the well-regarded 7 1/4 inch gauge "Britannia" design published in the 1980s.

The engine has been unused for the last ten years, it is in good mechanical order with new hydraulic and steam tests. It is exceptionally well built, fit and finish of the motion is excellent. The smokebox will need stripping and repainting at the end of the season, the rest of the engine has a dull, weathered appearance which I suspect has been applied on purpose rather than simply being dirt that has been allowed to accumulate - the grimy grey patina is more than skin deep and doesn't wipe off with a cloth and paraffin.

Silver-soldered copper boiler with superheaters, feed by twin injectors. Working pressure 90psi, twin water gauge with blowdowns. Piston valve cylinders, Walschaert's gear with screw reverser in cab. Twin mechanical lubricators. Steam brake on locomotive, vacuum ejector with driver's brake valve and gauge.

On the track this is one of the nicest standard gauge 7 1/4 inch engines I've ever driven - powerful, free-steaming, very responsive on the regulator - Geoff and I took it over to the club last Friday, I got about a lap before Alan took charge of it for the rest of the day, there's a clip of him running around on it here.

Complete with a set of drawings, blower, bottles of steam and bearing oil and the removeable cab roof and rear. Drawings and castings for this design are available from Jim Vass Miniature Locomotives.

Locomotive 51 inches
Tender 35 inches

gauge 7 1/4 inch