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7 1/4 inch gauge BR 9F "Evening Star" - stock code 5077

One of those engines where I'll let the pictures tell the story - there's nearly a hundred here of one of the finest 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotives built in the last thirty years.

This is one of the legendary pair of 9Fs built by Ron Martin, a professional model engineer, completed in 1993 - Kingswood made the silver-soldered copper boiler. It has had one owner from new, kept in this country for use when he visited - steamed on a few occasions between 2003 and 2009 it remains in ex-works condition throughout.

The engine is immaculately made and finely detailed - one of the very few models to have come in here where even close-up high resolution pictures fail to show everything. Typical of the attention to detail is a fully-working tender water scoop, raised and lowered by a handle at the front of the tender - the handle has a safety chain as per full size to avoid anybody digging up the ballast inadvertently, the scoop weighshaft has counterbalance weights to allow it to be raised easily by the fireman. A considerable amount of work to put in for a detail that, on a quarter ton locomotive sitting at ground level can hardly be seen and certainly not used (unless you start lobbying your club to put in a water trough).

The cabside and tender are hand lined and signwritten (yes, including the British Railway lion and cabside 92220), the twin mechanical lubricators, normally hidden beneath the running boards, are replicas of the original Wakefields.

I won't dilate further - look at the pictures, if you need more information, give me a call.

Length with tender 9 feet

gauge 7 1/4 inch