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7 1/4 inch gauge Bagnall 0-4-0ST with driving truck - stock code 6895

A beautifully built 7 1/4 inch gauge Bagnall 0-4-0 saddle tank to the MJ Engineering design, in excellent order throughout.

Welded steel boiler with expanded tubes, 90psi working pressure, feed by injector, crosshead pump and hand pump mounted on the footplate. Cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Bagnall-Price valve gear - we've just made three sets of this gear for the full-sized Bagnalls we're building, it's been interesting to see the gear fitted up in miniature! Twin ram mechanical lubricator.

Those are the bare facts of its specification, however rather than trying to describe quite how nicely this one has been built, I'll leave you to look at John's excellent photographs. Fit and finish is impeccable, detailing thoughtful and beautifully executed - as you might expect, the engine runs like a watch. Nicest one I've seen, by some margin.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
injector(s) 1
boiler number N51-90-0545
CE mark n/a - pre-2002
working pressure/psi 90
boiler type marine
boiler material steel
boiler construction welded, expanded tubes
fusible plug no
safety valve(s) 2
safety valve type Ramsbottom
mechanical pump 1
hand pump 1
whistle yes