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7 1/4 inch gauge Bagnall 0-4-0 saddle tank - stock code 2049

I've had this engine in for a while, intending each month to put it on the website but never quite getting around to it - it's been one of the handiest engines to have around, dead easy to load up and take out for an evening's steaming, powerful and capable of getting round the tightest of curves. With my K36 out on loan at the moment, the Bagnall has provided most of our 7 1/4 inch gauge entertainment - a recently-acquired Romulus is now taking over those duties so here it is.

Built in 1997 to the MJ Engineering design, the engine has a Franklin & Bell steel boiler with expanded-in tubes, twin Ramsbottom-type safety valves, 90psi working pressure. Twin three-cock water gauges. Boiler feed by axle pump with bypass and injector. Two cylinders, slide valves actuated by Hackworth valve gear with pole reverser on footplate. Mechanical lubricator mounted in cab. Draincocks actuated by rod from footplate.

The engine is well-made and has been very little used in its life, running around a small garden railway locally. It goes well, steams freely and is particularly nice to drive - at 4 inch scale all the controls are large and fall easily to hand, with very much the feel of a small real engine than driving a model.

Length 45 inches
Height 37 inches to top of chimney
Weight approx 400 pounds

gauge 7 1/4 inch