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7 1/4 inch gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank, dismantled - stock code 2629

You've seen this one before, but probably don't recognise it. The engine originally came in as a stray a couple of years ago, looking rather forlorn but with definite potential. It's on the archive at, it's probably better for you to go over there and have a read rather than me writing all the same old guff again.

The chap who bought it, a practical and energetic engineer who is well-known in the larger-gauge circles, laid into it with his usual drive and enthusiasm. The good news is that the chassis was thoroughly gone through and appears here as a clean, painted, air-running unit complete with brakes and axle pump. The slightly less good news is that, having decided to remake the upper doings - cab, smokebox, running boards, saddle tank etc - he scrapped them. No problem with that, he is the kind of fellow who would knock up such things with speed and alacrity. Unfortunately, mid-project, plans changed and it came back here exchanged for some sundry other big lumps of metal.

Apart from the missing superstructure, the boiler has had the two longitudinal stays removed which were corroded. The rest of the shell has been ultrasonic tested and appears capable of resurrection.

It will end up a Bagnall-sized thing, weighing four hundredweight or so I would imagine.

Length 48 inches

gauge 7 1/4 inch