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7 1/4 inch gauge 0-4-0 battery electric shunter - stock code 8285

The work of a clever engineer, I was smitten by both this locomotive and his latest "sit aside" battery electric when I visited a club recently to collect the Barclay 0-4-2T "Tom Rolt".

Built originally as a petrol electric locomotive, the performance of modern motor controllers combined with less than sparkling reliability of the internal combustion plant led to a conversion to pure electric power in recent times.

Carrying a pair of large 12V batteries which power a single motor, chain driven to the axles, this is a powerful locomotive with extraordinarily good speed control - it will run along smoothly and reliably at a few inches per minute then, at the turn of the control knob, it's ready to haul decent loads at full line speed.

Equipped with a well laid-out control panel, neatly labelled and fitted with dashboard lighting for night running. The locomotive has horn and headlamp.

gauge 7 1/4 inch
length/inches 36
width/inches 15.5
height/inches 28
weight/kg est 100