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6 inch scale Savage "Little Samson" traction engine - stock code 6706

I bought this one back in February 2012 from the builder who'd just completed it and was moving on to building a 6 inch scale Gold Medal Tractor. A particularly well-built engine, we were all impressed by how well it ran - you may remember it running around at our open day a couple of years ago.

It's recently come back in, still in fine condition, still runs beautifully. The last owner has added a pair of gear guards - sensible, the final drive in particular was a bit of a maneater before - and had a very nice fitted canvas engine sheet made for it.

The original listing in the archive gives details both of the engine and builder. Driving it again yesterday I was reminded just how much I like this design - it's a sensible sized engine, a useful bit bigger than a four inch scale engine (which allows you to do things like drive it side by side with a friend from the tender) but still small enough to cart about easily with a car and trailer.

There's a clip of Jon and Connor running around with it yesterday afternoon here.

Length 7 ft
Width 35 inches
Height 55 inches

scale 6 inch & larger