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6 inch scale Ruston tractor - stock code 3683

A brand new Ruston Proctor steam tractor in 6 inch scale, completed late last year, the work of an experienced engineer and built to a fine standard throughout. He acquired the project from its original builder who had bought a set of drawings and castings from Live Steam Models - they also provided machined cylinder block, crankshaft and gears.

Steel boiler by Bell Boilers with expanded tubes, complete with all paperwork and its initial twice pressure hydraulic test certificate for 120psi working pressure. Feed by pump and injector. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser on footplate. Two road speeds with winch drum on rear axle, rubber tyres.

The engine is unsteamed, although runs beautifully on air. Boiler feed is by injector and pump, the builder has thoughtfully provided steam and water feeds for a second injector should you wish to fit one.

Modelled on a small prototype, in 6 inch scale the Ruston is an easily handled size, a similar length and weight to a large 4 inch scale agricultural, although taller and generally larger all round, from the wheels to reversing lever and steam valves.

Length 70 inches
Height 55 inches
Weight around 12 cwt

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