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6 inch scale Clayton steam wagon - stock code 1877

Half-size steam wagon, based on the Clayton undertype design. Built in 1998, the wagon is road-registered, running on pneumatic tyres with hydraulic brakes. The twin cylinder engine drives through a countershaft and dog clutch to the back axle, final drive by chain. A water tank is located beneath the back of the wagon bed.

The steel boiler was professionally built by Franklin & Bell, with all documentation and recent test. Water feed is by mechanical pump mounted on the engine. An auxiliary steam feed pump was originally fitted which has now been removed - it would be a straightforward job to plumb up an injector if required.

The engine is twin cylinder simple, fitted with mechanical cylinder lubricator and Allan valve gear. Cylinder block is in cast iron with gunmetal slide valves and steel balanced crankshaft. Despite the absence of a flywheel, the engine runs very nicely down to low speeds and can be ticked over out of gear. A boiler feed pump is fitted to nearside end of the crankshaft.

The wagon has done many rallies and several Great Dorsets over the last four years. It steams well and is surprisingly quick - after scientifically conducted trials here at Station Road, we conclude that this 6 inch wagon will get you to the beer tent and back on an average rally field in less than one third the time the equivalent 6 inch Burrell would take.

12th November

Several people have contacted me about this wagon asking if the engine's in bits. It's not - the photographs were taken when it was first built, the wagon is ready (indeed raring) to go.

Length 7 feet
Width 36 inches
Weight approx 8 cwt

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