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6 inch gauge 4-2-2 chassis - stock code 7102

Rather like waiting for a bus and then three all turn up at once, by some bizarre coincidence this is the third six inch gauge engine I've bought in as many months - I must have pretty much cornered the market by now.

Not so much a serious contender for the next club locomotive, this is more a whimsical piece of Edwardian engineering as art. A beautifully built 4-2-2 chassis, I think dating from the 1920s or slightly earlier. As a model the proportions and method of construction are entirely typical of the period, with elegantly sculpted motion work and delicate frames. Detail is prototypically authentic and includes counterbalanced weighshaft, one piece crankshaft with split and cottered big ends to the connecting rods and finely wrought leaf springs.

It all turns over very smoothly - the chassis has been partially repainted in recent times, but with significant amounts of earlier paint showing on the frames.

If anybody recognizes the engine I'd like to know more about it. The other two engines I have in the same gauge both have interesting histories - one is just post-war, the other nearly 100 years old. Although neither are for sale, they will be on display at the open day, along with this one.

Length 40 inches
Driving wheels 9 1/2 inch diameter

gauge 7 1/4 inch