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5 inch narrow gauge steam outline locomotive - stock code 9046

A large battery-electric steam outline locomotive in some considerable state of disrepair. Bizarrely I find myself somewhat drawn to the design - it has that "I know it's all wrong but I like it" look of a Tinkerbell (and before a hundred TB owners write in and complain, remember I've owned several, ran two on the garden railway at home for years, think like everybody else that Roger Marsh is a genius and the engines themselves fabulous. But very odd looking...)

This one packs all of its workings onto what looks to be an electrically lethal "flying tea tray", hidden beneath a large, narrow gauge style body which comes pretty much to the ground, concealing the wheels completely. Puts me in mind of Dougal (as in the "Magic Roundabout", not the Welshpool's Andrew Barclay you understand).

Would prefer collection on this one (if only so we can see the sort of person who'd buy it), but at a pinch it could strapped to a pallet.

length/inches 40
width/inches 19 1/2
height/inches 35