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5 inch gauge Zimmerman BR80 028 - stock code 6418

A commercially-built BR80, a large engine in 5 inch gauge weighing in at around the same as a Britannia. The prototypes were built by a variety of companies for the Deutsche Reichsbahn - number 028 was built by the Hohenzollern Locomotive Works in 1927 - with examples running until 1977. Several have been preserved, with at least one in running order.

Produced by Zimmermann of Germany, the BR80 is still listed in their current range (at €23,300, although with the way the Euro's going you could probably swap one for a packet of smarties by the end of the year). A well-detailed engine, it runs well and is equipped with one of the best whistles we've ever heard, cunningly disguised as an air tank under the footplate - there's a short clip of it here.

Welded steel boiler with expanded tubes, 115psi working pressure, feed by steam pump and axle pump. Cast iron cylinder with slide valves actuated by Walschaert's gear. Mechanical lubricator.

Hydraulic test @230psi for 115psi working pressure, 15-March-2015

Length 39 inches
Weight 226 pounds

gauge 5 inch
weight/kg 100