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5 inch gauge Winson 9F - stock code 4399

A kit-built 9F, the chassis is largely assembled complete with cylinders and motionwork, similarly the tender is about 75% together. There are three boxes of bits containing what appears to be the majority of the remaining components, still bagged up as they arrived from the factory, along with a complete set of the original build instructions with assembly diagrams.

There is a good body of knowledge now available on getting the standard class (Black 5, Britannia and 9F) kits up and running, when finished the 9F is a seriously large engine – I’ve recently sold a complete one, pictures are here. Earlier in the year one of the kit-built Britannias came in (listed in the archive here) which, fitted with PTFE piston valve seals and a number of other modifications, seriously impressed with its performance – I would be interested to see similarly worked-over 9F.

I've just sold a complete, painted one of these - pictures are over on the "Locomotives" page here.

Locomotive 48 inches
Tender 26 inches
gauge 5 inch