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5 inch gauge Winson 9F - stock code 3998

A kit-built, or perhaps more accurately part-dismantled, 9F. Looks a complete nightmare, however somebody’s got it together well enough that the wheels go round freely and the motionwork does all the appropriate things. The engine has obviously been steamed in the past from the condition of grate and smokebox.

The superheated copper boiler is silver-soldered, working pressure 90psi. Our inspector tested it to twice working pressure last week and issued a new hydraulic certificate – it’s well made and in good condition.

The engine looks better than 95% complete – there are some backhead fittings missing (which is probably a mercy given the quality of original euiqpment – many of the kit engines that come in here have had them replaced anyway). It really needs stripping, cleaning and reassembling – unless you’re really into the “last days of steam” look a coat of paint would improve things substantially.


Locomotive: 46 inches

Tender: 26 inches

gauge 5 inch