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5 inch gauge "Twin Sisters" chassis - stock code 2532

It's worth looking under the appalling looking paint and general air of neglect on this one, there's some very nice work to Austen-Walton's "Twin Sisters" design for an LMS 2F tank locomotive here, a nicely machined, detailed and put together chassis which runs along very smoothly. My inclination would be to get a boiler made (preferably to Martin Evans' revised design so that the local club will actually let you run it) whilst renovating the chassis, then sort out the platework in time for the start of next season's running. Ah yes, I can see it now... (and with that type of rose-tinted project planning, you know why I'm always about a year behind on all fronts).

I haven't got a picture of a really nice complete specimen - I sold an immensely scruffy one a year or two back which you can see in the archive. It went to a talented chap who restores full-size standard gauge stuff at breakneck speed - I'm sure one day his Twin Sisters will get to the front of the queue and he'll send me some pictures of it finished.

Length 27 inches
Wheels 4 inch diameter

gauge 5 inch