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5 inch gauge Torquay Manor for restoration - stock code 2216

5 inch gauge Great Western 4-6-0 to Martin Evans' "Torquay Manor" design.

Underneath the rather alarming colour and enthusiastically beaten boiler cladding is a well-made engine, complete bar the reverser handwheel, wheel splashers and safety valve bonnet. It has been run recently and has a silver-soldered copper boiler in good condition with Northern Association stamp. The chassis shows little wear and runs very smoothly.

Twin gunmetal cylinders, each with separate mechanical lubricator, inside Stephenson's valve gear actuating piston valves. Copper boiler with copper superheaters, top-fed by twin injectors. Twin safety valves.

The tender has a stainless steel tank and is fitted with an auxiliary hand pump.

The "box of bits" contains the backhead fittings, blast pipe, cylinder steam pipes, manifold, pressure and water gauge, miscellaneous plumbing, steam brake cylinder and brake gear for the locomotive.

The engine comes complete with a full set of drawings and copies of all the "Model Engineer" articles. Although it could be reassembled into a running locomotive over a weekend, ideally it needs re-cladding and painting to make a very presentable example of this popular locomotive.

Engine 39 inches
Tender 24 inches

Weight approx 140 pounds

gauge 5 inch