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5 inch gauge Super Simplex - stock code 3033

A "Super Simplex" built to Martin Evans' revised design for the popular "Simplex", published in 1989. Basically it's a bit of a Simplex GTi, bigger boiler, bigger firebox, bigger bore cylinders, six element superheater and a few other blobs and gadgets. Either I'm getting older or Super Simplices are heavier than their cousins, this one is a bit of a lump to carry about.

Silver soldered copper boiler, feed by axle pump with auxiliary double acting hand pump in side tank. Working pressure 90psi, twin safety valves. Twin blowdowns either side of foundation ring. Slide valves actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with push-pull reverser in cab - looks like a screw reverser, but it actually simply catches in slots in the rod. Mechanical lubricator on running board. Substantial derailing bar at front which is has done a good job of looking after the drain cocks.

The engine had been running at the owner's club until just before Christmas, he has sold it to concentrate on a extensive 45mm gauge garden railway. It comes complete with a set of firing irons, original build articles, steam-raising blower and an unopened bag of steam coal. Completed in 1996, it has a complete set of boiler history, including a new four year hydraulic certificate. A powerful engine, it runs very well with square exhaust beats and quiet motion work.

gauge 5 inch