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5 inch gauge Stirling Single - stock code 3797

A 5 inch gauge Stirling Single, built in the 1980s and steamed on a handful of occasions by the builder - the chimney still shows bright steel inside - until bought by the manager of a hospital who had it displayed in a glass case in his office. Fast forward until last year when, on his retirement, he took the engine home with him. The hospital porters managed to drop the case, destroying it in the process (so be careful where you book into for your hip replacement), the engine, fortunately, wasn't in the case at the time and remains in good condition.

Silver soldered copper boiler, working pressure 80psi, feed by injector and axle pump with hand pump in the tender. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, pole reverser in the cab. Mechanical lubricator. Drain cocks are fitted, along with operating bar at the cylinders but there is no linkage to the cab.

Complete with a set of firing irons.

Locomotive 32 inches
Tender 24 inches

gauge 5 inch