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5 inch gauge steam crane - stock code 5978

The last model built by Keith Massey, it remains unfinished, with some minor jobs to complete before painting. He started this one having seen a model steam crane in a museum in Northampton; after correspondence and exchange of drawings with another well-known engineer who had already made such a thing, what you see here is the result.

As with all his other models, this one is superbly engineered and runs beautifully - we had a happy day earlier in the week running it on air, lifting Stafford cylinder block castings up and down. The twin cylinder engine self starts and runs very smoothly, dog clutches engage the various winches to raise and lower the boom, lift and slew. A further dog clutch engages drive to the rail wheels, allowing it to move itself along.

Boiler is in copper, silver soldered throughout and, at the risk of starting to sound like a scratched record - beautifully made.

Most impressive to see in the metal, we will have this one on our stand at the Midlands Show next week.

Hydraulic test 7-10-13 @160psi for 80psi working pressure

Length 39 inches
Width 13 inches
Height 33 inches

gauge 5 inch