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5 inch gauge "Speedy" 15xx - stock code 2123

A venerable specimen of LBSC's popular "Speedy" design for the Great Western 15xx tank engine. The engine has been run regularly until this season and is still a powerful performer, with 17 passengers to its credit on its home track. It was fitted with a new commercially-built boiler six years ago and was club tested in August 2003.

Silver soldered copper boiler, fed by axle pump and injector, with auxiliary hand pump in side tank. Piston valve cylinders actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with mechanical lubricator in front of the smokebox. Although the paintwork is rather careworn and some general tidying up would be in order, the engine runs well and could be used as-is.

Length 35 inches
Weight 150 pounds

gauge 5 inch