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5 inch gauge Simplex - stock code 4958

I’d had several hours on the machining centre this week blocking up, drilling and tapping a batch of motion brackets - 24 brackets, 120 holes, debur while the machine gets on with the next pair… Having finished, the parts were washed down, labelled and put in the parts bins leaving me ready for a cup of tea and something more diverting for an hour – so out with this Simplex which came in earlier in the week.

It’s actually one I’ve had before, just come back in part exchange for a Sweet Pea. I rated it last time it was here, so it was no surprise that it steamed up quickly and ran very nicely on the rolling road – it goes well, keeps itself in steam and water, safety valves are a joy, opening spot on the red line and snapping shut with a most satisfying thwock.

Commercially-built silver soldered copper boiler by Chambers with superheaters, working pressure 80psi, feed by injector, axle and hand pumps – the injector is plumbed to pick up water from a tank on a driving truck. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by Walschaert’s gear with pole reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator behind buffer beam driven by eccentric from leading axle.

A good engine, it runs quietly notched up nearly to mid-gear. I like this one.

Hydraulic test @120psi, 12-10-08
Steam test 22-12-10

gauge 5 inch