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5 inch gauge Simplex - stock code 2563

I sold this engine in January, the new owner has now moved out of steam so I bought it back from him. I've re-used the archive description, the engine hasn't been steamed since last I had it and is in exactly the same condition as these photographs show.

A well-built "Simplex", Martin Evans' ever-popular design for a powerful, easy to drive tank engine.

Silver soldered copper boiler with radiant superheater, feed by axle pump with a substantial hand pump on the footplate. Water in side tanks with coupled rear tank, sight glass for tank level in cab. Twin safety valves, water gauge with blowdown. The grate has been carefully thought out - removing one pin releases the ashpan, removing another allows the grate to hinge down for cleaning. Slide valve cylinders actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with screw reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator on right hand running board.

Having driven this one, I would heartily recommend it as an ideal beginner's engine. Mechanically it's in good condition, it's got plenty of go and is easy to fire. Much of the detailing - including a substantial derailing bar, man-sized hand pump and the neat grate arrangement - go to make the engine forgiving of less than expert driving. There is no injector - I didn't find a need for one with the axle pump - however, the boiler has a spare bush on the backhead currently fitted with a blanking plug, there is a similar spare blanked steam feed on the fountain so, if desired, fitting one would be a hand-tools only job.

Length 33 inches
Weight appro 120 pounds

gauge 5 inch