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5 inch gauge Pinos Altos & Mogollon Railroad Shay - stock code 6982

I bought this one completely bowled over by the sheer quality and quantity of excellent engineering. Designed and built by legendary South African model engineer Ron Etter at
a scale of 2 1/2 inches to the foot, in 5 inch gauge this model of a 600mm gauge Shay is seven feet long and weighs in at 800 pounds.

Originally conceived when a friend, having built a 5 inch gauge Hunslet and owning an NG6 in the same scale (a large engine by anybody's standards, we had one in back in 2011 - took four of us to lift it), decided he'd like a large engine. Wanting a Shay, he considered Kozo Kirioka's excellent design scaled up from 3 1/2 to 5 inch gauge but discounted it - still too small. After some research, having come up with a 600mm prototype in the form of an engine built for the Pinos Altos & Mogollon Railroad in Mexico, Ron set to and produced a comprehensive design, involving 350 drawings (all by hand - no CAD!). The first engine was finished 4 1/2 years after the project was conceived, proving to be a fine performer - "a pleasure to drive and, as expected, very powerful" according to the designer.

Completed in 2005, this engine came over to the UK in 2007, running for the first time over here in that year. Exhibited at the Model Engineer Exhibition, it won a Gold Medal, the Crebbin Cup and featured in the book "100 Great Models" along with Dr Bradbury Winter's silver "Rocket" built for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, LBSC's "Ayesha" and Christopher Vine's B1 "Bongo" amongst many others.

It's in excellent order throughout, fit and finish of everything is as good as it gets. The builder seems to have equal facility in metalwork and woodwork, pipework is neatly laid out, detailing is exceptionally good an includes turbo generator, working front and rear lamps and beautifully made flip-up axlebox oilers.

Silver soldered copper boiler, 130psi working pressure, feed by twin injectors and steam pump. Three cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear, steam reverser. Mechanical lubricator. Drive to all wheels by shaft and gears. Steam brakes to locomotive with vacuum braking for train.

Complete with two thick folders including a complete build history with photographs, storage stand, set of drawings, firing irons and footpegs.

Length 84 inches
Height 27 inches

gauge 5 inch
cylinder material cast iron
valve type piston
valve gear Stephensons
reverser type steam
lubricator type mechanical
injector(s) 2
boiler number 5302SN
CE mark no
working pressure/psi 130
boiler type locomotive
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver soldered
steam pump 1
whistle yes