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5 inch gauge "Ruby" chassis with new boiler - stock code 2529

A part-built "Ruby", the simple 0-4-0 side tank designed by Andy Probyn of "Maxitrak" fame and sold by them in kit or ready-built form. This engine has been built using Maidstone Engineering's drawings and castings.

Work to date comprises a largely complete rolling chassis, cylinders machined and fitted. The Hackworth valve gear is largely complete and the builder rigged up a temporary reversing lever arrangement to allow testing on air. It still require a pair of rods to connect the vibrating link to the valve rods, other than that it would appear ready to run.

The boiler was professionally built, copper construction all silver soldered. It has its original test paperwork with it. There is a complete set of drawings with the engine, Maidstone Engineering still list parts and castings. Maxitrak have a picture of the finished item and all the gen on their website.

Length 24 inches
Wheels 4 inch diameter

gauge 5 inch