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5 inch gauge rebuilt Scot for completion - stock code 2133

Superb 5 inch gauge rebuilt Royal Scot, from the same builder as the Britannia. Very well built, highly detailed and 95%+ complete.

Silver-soldered copper boiler with stainless steel radiant superheaters. Feed by twin injectors and axle pump. Double blast pipes. Three cylinders with Walschaerts valve gear to each actuating piston valves. Triple-feed mechanical cylinder lubricator, with dummy Wakefield lubricator to mount on running boards. Cab-operated drain cocks, fully compensated steam brakes. The chassis is ballasted with lead for adhesion in anticipation of the grunt it's going to have!

The engine has been run on air and requires little work to complete, including:

Make and fit drain cock rod from cab to chassis-mounted lever
Plumb backhead (some fittings supplied, requires water gauge)
Plumb injectors for steam and water
Fit buffers (already machined)
Fit reverser in cab and connect reach rod (quick-start screw reverser stand already made)

Locomotive 43 inches
Tender 25 inches

Locomotive 200 pounds
Tender 50 pounds

gauge 5 inch