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5 inch gauge "Princess of Wales" - stock code 3442

A well-built Midland Single to Martin Evans' "Princess of Wales" design, the locomotive is better than 95% complete, requiring only minor plumbing to finish. The family of the builder commissioned a tender from one of the country's leading commercial model makers, who has built a complete chassis to works drawings - the pictures are worth studying if only to give a standard to aspire to!

The locomotive has a silver-soldered copper boiler by Cheddar Models. The chassis runs well on air, fit and finish of the motion work is good, the engine runs with sound, even exhaust beats. There is minor plumbing work to be done in the cab, boiler feeds and the steam brake.

The tender is a superbly built chassis, highly detailed and largely complete. The tank exists as a set of laser-cut "tab and slot" components in brass. The builder has logged a little over 300 hours work on the tender to date.

Now available due to a change in circumstances, there is the potential to make a fine model for little extra expenditure.

There are pictures of a complete Spinner, with the eight-wheel bogie tender, in the archive.

gauge 5 inch